Attention Windows Purists: Thinix RetroUI Lets You 'Terminate' Windows 8's New Interface

Pulkit Chandna

Chief among the many gripes that people have with Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system are: that it includes the tile-based Windows 8 UI ( aka “Metro” ); that it’s the Windows 8 UI, and not the classic desktop, that greets you when you fire up your PC; and that there is no way to disable this behavior. Up until Microsoft released Windows 8 to manufacturing, a lot of people were still hoping that it would add to the OS a way to bypass/disable the tile-based interface. Unfortunately, the software giant was not in any mood to appease them. That said, there isn’t anything to prevent a third party from giving these people their wish.

RetroUI from Thinix is a software that Windows purists can now turn to if they want to use Windows 8 but just can’t stand the tile-based interface that the OS spits out once the user gets past the initial “Lock Screen.” With RetroUI, it’s not only possible to bypass Windows 8’s Metro interface and go straight to the classic desktop from either the Login screen or the Lock Screen, but you can also use it to disable all other Metro UI features. However, it’s only free for the first 7 days and you’ll have to pay $4.95 for a three-PC “individual” license after that.

Here’s what Thinix has to say about the software’s capabilities on the official RetroUI website: “Thinix RetroUI allows users to bypass the Windows 8 Metro User Interface (Metro UI) and automatically return to a classic Windows desktop* after login. Users can then return to the Metro desktop or use any Metro UI function. Optionally, Thinix RetroUI can be configured to eliminate/lock-out all Metro UI features. In this mode, users are sent to a classic Windows desktop at Login, and the new Metro features; Charms Bar, Hot Corners, and Metro Switcher - are completely disabled and inaccessible.”

Seeing a serious business opportunity in disabling Metro UI features in Windows 8 PCs owned by businesses and other large organizations, Thinix has announced separate pricing for them.

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