AT&T Working to Resolve Amazon Appstore Block

Ryan Whitwam

Android users on AT&T were disappointed earlier this week when it became apparent the Amazon Appstore would not be available on their devices. The problem stems from the fact that AT&T restricts non-Android Market apps from being installed on devices. This is often called side-loading, and it is what the Amazon Appstore relies on. Now we're hearing that AT&T is actively working to resolve the issue .

AT&T has posted a sign up page on their site inviting users to register for updates on the availability of the Amazon Appstore. Amazon is offering a great deal of free and exclusive content in hopes of luring users in. But currently, the nation's second largest carrier is out of the picture. It is likley that both companies knew this was going to happen well ahead of time, so we're not sure why no workaround is immediately forthcoming from AT&T.

Since the app installation lockdown is in the firmware of AT&T Android phones, resolution will have to come via an update. Getting updates in the first place is a problem, so it's unclear when this will happen. Are you an AT&T Android user? Does this situation bother you?

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