AT&T Promises Improvements in New York, San Francisco

Maximum PC Staff

It’s a bit of a puzzle, really. A company sells you a service, that it knows to be substandard, yet it continues to charge you full price. When you complain you get a promise of improvement. When enough people complain that promise is made public. But, in the meantime, you keep paying for a substandard service.

It’s AT&T’s turn to make promises of better service , for San Francisco and New York subscribers. According to Ralph de la Vega, chief executive of AT&T Mobility, service levels are below “our standards.” And “[t]his is going to be fixed.”

The problem is one of AT&T’s own making. It’s over-sold its capacity, with smartphone users sucking up bandwidth like there’s no tomorrow. Upshot of it all: sluggish service and dropped calls--for everyone. (Engadget reports that the rate of dropped calls on AT&T in New York hovers around 30 percent .)

While AT&T channels Dionne Warwick , you can expect, if you live in New York or San Francisco, for a while longer, to keep paying full price for your substandard service. But, at least, you have AT&T's promise things will be better--that's something, isn't it?

Image Credit: AT&T

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