AT&T Points Finger at Alcatel for Slow Uploads


Yellow spots (don't sweat it, the glue just hasn't dried yet). Dropped signals (dude, first off you're holding it wrong. And secondly, our math was buggered , you had less bars the whole time!). And now you can add slow uploads to the list of iPhone 4 woes. So who's to blame this time?

Not Apple, and hey, don't look at AT&T, the wireless carrier says. The problem, according to AT&T, is sloppy code in the software for Alcatel-Lucent's 3G network equipment, which temporarily drops upstream connections for a handful of AT&T subscribers. It took the launch of the iPhone 4 and the subsequent strain on upload capacity to expose the flaw.

"It came to the forefront after the iPhone 4 because of the big increase in the uplink data," said Mary Ward, spokeswoman for Alcatel.

It isn't just iPhone 4 owners who are affected, but anyone using a HSUPA (High-Speed uplink Packet Access) device, such as AT&T's LaptopConnect cards for PCs and netbooks. Even so, AT&T insists the problem is only affecting some 2 percent of its mobile subscribers.

Alcatel says it's working on the problem and expects to have it fixed soon.

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