AT&T Offers Free Calling and Texting to Japan in March

Paul Lilly

Regardless of how you feel about AT&T, a bit of kudos is in order. Following last week's massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, AT&T has decided not to charge U.S. residential wireless customers who call or text message love ones living in Japan, and wireline customers get a break too. Here's what you need to know.

AT&T wireless postpaid customers are free to make international long distance calls from the U.S. and Puerto Rico to Japan, as well as send text messages to Japan from a U.S. wireless number. If you're a wireline customer, once you receive your bill, you can call AT&T to receive an adjusted calling credit for up to 60 minutes of call time from the U.S. to Japan between March 11 and March 31.

"We want to help our customers connect with loved ones in Japan in anyway we can," said Mark Collins , senior vice president, Voice and Data Products, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "Connecting with family and friends is most important at times like this -- we want to make it as easy and worry free as possible for our customers."

In addition to all this, AT&T is making free through March 17 TV Japan, the 24 hour Japanese news channel, to all U-Verse TV subscribers.

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