AT&T Now Shipping Motorola FlipOut

Paul Lilly

As expected, AT&T on Sunday started selling Motorola's FlipOut, a smartphone very much reminiscent of Microsoft's failed Kin One device.

Teens and young adults didn't exactly flip out over the Kin One, and we'd be surprised if Motorola's FlipOut fares any better. The funky looking device sports a swivel screen with a hardware keyboard underneath, a 3MP camera, expandable memory (microSD card), Bluetooth 2.1, 3G, and 512MB of memory. Unlike the Kin One, the FlipOut features Android's 2.1 platform, which might make it more appealing. However, the device also requires a data plan, which could end up being a tough sell considering the target audience (teens).

The FlipOut is availble for $80 with a 2-year service agreement, or $380 outright.

Image Credit: AT&T

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