AT&T May Sell Off Assets to Seal T-Mobile Deal

Ryan Whitwam

Reports today are indicating that AT&T really doesn’t want its acquisition of T-Mobile to fall through, and is going so far as to consider a large asset sale to seal the deal with regulators. Ma Bell is quietly chatting up smaller competitors like MetroPCS and Leap Wireless to sell spectrum and subscribers, according to sources.

The deal to buy T-Mobile hit a snag recently when the US Justice Department filed suit to stop it. The FCC, and several states have also called foul on the buyout, saying that it will hurt competition and negatively affect users. By selling off assets, AT&T hopes to convince regulators that that will not be the case.

If AT&T cannot close the deal, they will have to pay out in the neighborhood of $6 billion to T-Mobile. AT&T’s 4G LTE expansion plans would also be set back. Do you think that the deal will go through in the end?

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