AT&T Jacks Up Early Upgrade Fee for Smartphone Owners

Paul Lilly

Consider this a PSA for AT&T subscribers . The cost to upgrade your smartphone is now $125 higher than it was just over a week ago.

The increase, which was first discovered by Boy Genius Report, applies to anyone trying to upgrade to a new smartphone less than 18 months into their current two-year agreement. It now costs $200 to do so, whereas previously AT&T was charging customers $75.

"As smartphones become increasingly more sophisticated, the cost of these devices has also increased," an alleged AT&T document reads. "However, early (exception) upgrade pricing still allows us to provide a price point lower than No-Commitment pricing to our smartphone customers if needed."

There is an exception to the rule -- care to guess what it is? If you said Apple's iPhone, congratulations, you win the no-prize.

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