AT&T iPad Owners can Grandfather Unlimited Data Plan to iPad 2

Paul Lilly

If the only thing holding you back from purchasing an iPad 2 this Friday is that you're worried about giving up the unlimited data plan you were lucky enough to sign up for with your first generation iPad through AT&T, then worry no more. Word on the Web is that AT&T is letting you take your unlimited data plan with you.

Engadget says it confirmed the rumor with AT&T, which at one time used to offer a $30 unlimited data plan that can now be transferred to the iPad 2. For everyone else interested in 3G connectivity, you'll have to choose between AT&T's $15/250MB or $25/2GB monthly plans. AT&T also recently introduced a postpaid billing option for tablets. The tiered data plans run the same whether you're on a postpaid or prepaid billing cycle, though overage charges vary. On a postpaid cycle, AT&T will charge $10 per 1GB overage if you're on a 2GB/month plan. If going the prepaid route, customers on the 2GB tier who exceed their monthly data allotment can purchase an additional 2GB for $25.

By comparison, Verizon offers four separate data tiers for iPad 3G owners, including $20/1GB, $35/3GB, $50/5GB, and $80/10GB. Verizon charges $20/GB if you go over your data allotment on the 1GB plan, and $10/GB for going over on any of the other three plans.

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