AT&T Forges Ahead with Pricey Pre-Paid Mobile Data Plans

Paul Lilly

Users looking for a no-contract 3G data plan with low limits and high prices (we didn't get that backwards, folks) have reason to jump for joy, and reach for their wallets. AT&T's revamped Dataconnect Pass service offers a variety of data and payment options, and we'll let you be judge if any of them sound appealing. Here's how it breaks down :

  • Day Pass, 100MB, $15
  • Week Pass, 300MB, $30
  • Month Pass, 1GB, $50

"Demand for high-functioning, lightweight, mobile computing devices remains strong among consumers and small business customers who want access to the Internet while on the go," said David Haight, VP of product development, AT&T emerging devices, in a statement. "By offering the DataConnect Pass Plans, customers receive added value, choice, and flexibility to decide when to consume data within the parameters of their personal budget, for a more consumer-centric and convenient experience."

We're with Haight on the "choice" and "flexibilty" part, but we have a hard time identifying any of these plans as "valued" oriented. To use the DataConnect Pass service, subscribers will need a laptop or netbook with an aircard/connect card for AT&T's wirless network.

Are we being too hard on AT&T, or do you think the new data plans are a little weak?

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