AT&T Files Papers with FCC to Take Over T-Mobile Spectrum

Ryan Whitwam

AT&T has taken the first official step in gaining regulatory approval for its proposed purchase of T-Mobile USA. The FCC has received AT&T's application to take over the wireless spectrum licenses held by T-Mobile, as well as supporting documentation. This begins the (likely) long process of hearings and investigations that could end with AT&T swallowing up the nation's smallest carrier.

The "supporting documentation" in question Is AT&T's argument as to why they should be permitted to buy T-Mobile. We've heard it all before; the carrier started crowing as soon as the initial deal was announced. AT&T contends that the deal will assist in the deployment of 4G data networks across the nation, including in rural areas. They also claim that there is sufficient competition in the US mobile market.

Sprint and a coalition of smaller regional carriers are strongly opposing the deal. AT&T needs approval from the FCC and the Justice Department before the merger can be finalized. Analysts are estimating a year before we know for sure how this will play out. Do you think the deal should go through?

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