AT&T Comes Out on Top in Gizmodo 3G Speed Test

Ryan Whitwam

Even a cursory glance at the internet will assure you of one fact: people hate AT&T. While a great many people love their iPhones, the network is their one major complaint. News of a massive AT&T failure is juicy stuff, and stirs up the interwebs nicely, but Gizmodo’s recent 3G speed test does throw AT&T a bone . If you have solid AT&T 3G service, it’s probably really, really fast.

Gizmodo tested 3G data speeds in 12 markets around the US. The tests checked raw speed via, as well as downloading very large images and webpages. The results of the testing indicate that AT&T beats out Verizon in average download speed. However, it was close, with Verizon winning out in four of the 12 markets. The real shocker is that AT&T absolutely destroyed the competition in upload speeds, winning all 12 markets.

If this tells us anything, it’s that we can’t be too harsh with AT&T. Sure, AT&T has some issues with service coverage, but the network is fast where you can get it. That’s at least half the equation.

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