AT&T Comes in Dead Last in Consumer Reports' Network Survey

Ryan Whitwam

The annual Consumer Reports survey of wireless customer satisfaction has just come out, and it isn’t looking too good for AT&T. More than 50,000 customers of the big four carriers in 26 cities submitted their ratings to Consumer Reports. AT&T came in last in the overall ratings . In the city by city data AT&T was rated lowest in 19 areas including, unsurprisingly, New York and San Francisco. The same survey placed Verizon at the top of the scale.

AT&T was given low marks for service availability, circuit capacity, voice service, and dropped-call frequency in 73% of markets. Many have posited in the past that it was merely tech savvy consumers in a few markets that had a problem with AT&T’s service. This survey seems to imply that there are many more dissatisfied customers spread over a larger swath of the nation.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of data here is that of the iPhone users surveyed, 98% said they were satisfied enough that they’d buy the phone again. Only 79% of people with other AT&T phones said the same. Apparently, a good phone can help smooth over a lot of rough spots in a carrier’s network.

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