AT&T Apologizes for iPad Security SNAFU

Paul Lilly

What do you do if a security screw-up leads to over 114,000 email addresses being exposed, including those registered to politicians, celebrities, military personnel, and other prominent figures? You apologize, of course, and take refuge in your exclusivity contract, if you have one (as AT&T does).

"Recently there was an issue that affected some of our customers with AT&T 3G service for iPad resulting in the release of their customer email addresses," AT&T's Dorothy Attwood stated in an email to its customers . "I am writing to let you know that no other information was exposed and the matter has been resolved. We apologize for the incident and any inconvenience it may have caused. Rest assured, you can continue to use your AT&T 3G service on your iPad with confidence."

In the email, Attwood blamed the incident on malicious hackers who exploited a function designed to make the iPad's log-in process faster by pre-populating an AT&T authentication page with the email address used to register a user's iPad for 3G services.

"AT&T acted quickly to protect your information – and we promise to keep working around the clock to keep your information safe," Attwood continued. "Thank you very much for your understanding, and for being an AT&T customer."

As if those who want to pair Apple's iPad with 3G service have a choice (actually, they do, but it requires jailbreaking, tethering to a smartphone, or using a mobile hotspot device like Verizon's MiFi ).

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