AT&T Admits to Intentionally Slowing Down Atrix and HTC Inspire

Paul Lilly

If you're a T-Mobile subscriber locked into a multi-year contract, you have to hope that AT&T's latest shenanigans aren't a sign of things to come. Following a bunch of complaints made to the Better Business Bureau, AT&T admitted to intentionally crippling the Atrix and HTC Inspire, which explains why owners of these two smartphone models have been unable to see anything near 4G upload speeds, according to Left unexplained, however, is exactly why AT&T did this.

While AT&T is reluctant to explain themselves, the wireless carrier did promise to remedy the situation with an upcoming software update.

"We're excited to announce that both the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G are expected to receive software updates in April," AT&T stated on its Facebook page. "In addition, one of AT&T's next leading Android devices, the Samsung Infuse 4G, will ship with HSUPA already enabled. With these software updates, and our continued rollout of expanded backhaul, our 4G devices will continue to get faster. Please keep in mind that software is only one of many factors that can affect speeds experienced. Factors such as location, time of day, network capacity, and facilities can have an impact as well."

So there you have it. If you own an Atrix or Inspire smartphone, hang tight and you should experience faster network performance come April.

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