AT&T Adds 2GB of Data to Tethering Plan

Ryan Whitwam

AT&T caused quite a ruckus when they switched from unlimited data plans to a 2GB cap last summer. The nation's second largest carrier has shied away from adding Wi-Fi hotspot to its devices, so users were less likely to run out of bits. But now, the upcoming Inspire 4G will ship with AT&T's hotspot app installed. Customers won't have to worry about sharing those measly 2GB between all devices. Those that subscribe to the tethering plan will get an additional bucket of 2GB for a total of 4GB.

Users will first have to have the $25 Data Pro plan for 2GB of data, then add the tethering plan for an additional 2GB. So you're paying $45 each month for 4GB of data that you can share with the Wi-Fi hotspot. This is far from an ideal scenario. We would have liked to see tethering included and a higher cap to start with. Still, for those that need the hotspot functionality, the extra data will offer some breathing room.

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