AtomFilms Relaunches as, Focuses on Funny


Looks like Maximum PC isn't the only one sporting an overhauled site these days. AtomFilms, owned by MTV Networks (who in turn is owned by Viacom) , relaunches today as simply . More than a name change, the redesigned site will focus exclusively on comedy because, well, the web apparently isn't funny enough already.

The new focus comes as part of collaboration with Comedy Central , who makes an immediate impact by commissioning four new original Web series, with more exclusive content to follow. To keep things from going stale, the relaunched site promises daily new releases to its existing library of 20,000 videos, which will range from animation to live-live action narrative, sketch comedies, and more. also invites user-submitted material, the best of which could end up featured in a weekly " Upload Showdown ." Those who win will become "pro" content creators, giving them access to other Comedy Central resources, including possible revenue sharing deals and even a half-hour series to air on TV Monday nights at 2 a.m.

Image Credit: Waverly Films

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