Atlona Launches a VGA-to-HDMI Adapter Powered Over USB

Maximum PC Staff

Ever wanted to convert a VGA signal to HDMI? Well no, neither have I, but just in case you fall into this niche category of users you might be interested to know that Atlona Technologies has just launched a video switch/scaler that will accomplish all the aforementioned feats. The box is powered over USB, and will turn any VGA signal, regardless of its input resolution into full 1080p HD, and will even take care of the audio pass through.

This device might come in handy if your looking to use an older laptop, or perhaps even a netbook with an HDTV, but don't expect any magic here we haven't seen before. The output can only ever be as good as the input. Atlona plans to begin shipping the AT-HDVieW by the end of the month, and it will cost approximately $119.

Can anyone else come up with an interesting use case for this?

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