ATI Releases New Catalyst 9.6 Videocard Drivers

Paul Lilly

AMD/ATI this week released new Catalyst drivers, now in version 9.6. The new driver package sports a number of performance improvements, including:

  • Company of Heroes - up to 25 percent better performance with HD 4600 series
  • Crysis - up to 13 percent better performance in multi-GPU configurations
  • Crysis Warhead - up to 11 percent better performance in mutli-GPU configurations
  • World in Conflict - up to 30 percent better performance in settings that were previously CPU limited

In addition to goosing performance in a handful of titles, Catalyst 9.6 also squashes a boatload of bugs and resolves a ton of issues across all current Windows operating systems. Some of these include:

  • Opening Crossfire pages no longer causes Catalyst Control Center to stop responding (all Windows OSes)
  • Catalyst Control Center no longer appears interlaced when automatic deinterlacing is enabled (all Windows OSes)
  • On some configurations, video artifacts are no longer visible during playback of transcoded video files (Vista)
  • Team Fortress 2 some slowdowns no longer occur during gameplay (XP)
  • Catalyst Control Center no longer shows Crossfire as disabled (Windows 7)
For a full list of improvements (and there are many), refer to the release notes (PDF). Driver downloads available here .

Image Credit: AMD

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