ATI Catalyst 10.8 Driver Suite Now Available for Download


If you're the type who likes to update your drivers on the day of release and you own an ATI videocard, get to clicking. AMD has just dropped its ATI Catalyst 10.8 software suite into the wild, which brings a handful of new features and improvements to the table.

The latest driver release boasts full support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and enables 3D accelerated graphics with a Web browser that supports the 2.0 spec. Performance supposedly has been "greatly improved" for gamers equipped with an ATI Eyefinity setup on a quad ATI CrossFireX configuration, and anti-aliasing through the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) is now available for StarCraft II.

A number of performance improvements and resolved issues come with the 10.8 package, some of which include:

  • Up to 2-6 percent improved performance in Far Cry 2 on Radeon HD 5800 series single and CrossFire configurations
  • Up to 3-5 percent improved performance in Left 4 Dead 2 on Radeon HD 5800 series and CrossFire Radeon HD 5700 series configurations
  • Up to 5-10 percent improved performance in Stormrise on Radeon HD 5600 and 5500 series cards
  • HDMI default refresh rate now appears properly as 60Hz under HDTV in Catalyst Control Center (all Windows OSes)
  • Desktop line corruption no longer observed after powering off the DP display and then turning it on while viewing Blu-ray content (Windows 7)
  • Catalyst Control Center no longer fails and displays error message while transcoding specific video files on 64-bit OSes (Windows Vista)
  • Hardware acceleration is now enabled in PowerDVD (Windows XP)

For a full list of changes, view the release notes here (PDF) .

Driver Download

Image Credit: ATI

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