Nathan Edwards Jun 25, 2008

Atdec Visidec Freestanding Double

At A Glance

Dual Overhead Cam

High build quality; good aesthetics; great price.

Dualing Banjos

No height adjustability.

It used to be that simply having two monitors on your desk was enough to establish your power-user cred, but LCD prices being what they are these days, it’s not uncommon for even regular folk to boast a multimonitor setup. Perhaps it’s time you up the ante with a little monitor “modding,” as it were.

The Visidec Freestanding Double lets you combine two VESA-compliant LCD panels on a single stand to create a dual display that’s sure to get noticed. The unified screen setup not only looks sharp—especially if you’re combining two identical displays—but also frees up a little desk space.

Assembly is straightforward—thanks to a minimum of parts, an all-inclusive “bits bag,” and easy-to-follow instructions—but the process takes time and patience, nonetheless. The heavy black metal base sits atop a desk without the aid of any clamps or screws. It holds an upright pole to which you must attach two horizontal arms. Things get tricky when you have to hold parts in place and screw them in at the same time, particularly when you’re tasked with securing the panels to each arm. It’s possible to do this alone, but having a second set of hands helps tremendously. All told, it took us about an hour to assemble the stand.

Once we had painstakingly tightened all the necessary joints to hold the weight of our two 24-inch screens—the stand is spec’d for LCDs measuring from 12 to 24 inches—we were pleased with the results. The whole setup seemed stable, and we were able to tilt the screens forward and back to our liking as well as angle them in (although you must plan for the latter during setup). It’s also nice that you can rotate the screens in tandem if you need to access the area behind the monitors. Height adjustability would be nice, but once you’ve positioned the arms on the neck, they’re tightly screwed in place. That only somewhat offsets our appreciation for this product’s subdued aesthetics, reliability, and price.


Atdec Visidec Freestanding Double

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