Asustek Launches Download Service, 20 Gigs Virtual Space for Eee PCs


It is no secret that Asustek has some very ambitious plans concerning its Eee PC range of netbooks. Asus Eee PC owners can now download around 3,000 software and game titles for their diminutive netbooks for free . However, Asustek has taken a cue from Apple and now plans to launch a paid downloading service for the Eee PC brand – think iTunes.

It is also ensuring that Eee PC users don’t develop insomnia fretting over the machine’s limited storage space. Users can now count upon 20GB of cloud storage space, i.e. internet hard drive space. But Asus will have to insure that the downloads are cheap as many Eee PC users in developing countries do not perceive it as a fun internet gadget but more of a cost-effective computing device.

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