Asus Unveils Updated Transformer Pad with Tegra 4, 2560x1600 Display



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I gotta say
I have been VERY unhappy with their service after the sale

Mine developed a crack in the glass that was later as good as recalled and replaced free, but they declined to fix mine as it was a month older than they were replacing. The optional keyboard, the batteries in it died they no longer take or hold a charge so its worthless.
The tablet still works, but has cracked glass still to this day.

I would AVOID this product line.
The company does not value you after the sale.



Una buena tablet, nosotros hemos adquirido un par de ellas para la empresa, y la verdad que son muy buenas.



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So, why can't I easily buy an affordable, non-South Korean B-lister 2560*1600 monitor again?

This looks like it is taking a page from Apple's playbook: above-average screen but wimpy GPU.



My girlfriend had the TF201, one of the first Tegra 3 tablets. Amazing speed, graphics were top notch for mobile, but it was full of issues. Hope this model is the real deal!



lol, dude... I almost stopped reading your post after the first three words.. It started out sounding very much like the spam we see on these boards on the regular. lol! ("My girlfriend made $6884 dollars last week selling shit from")



LOL same here



I hope to Godus, Asus stopped using that horrible memory they have been using on the last 3 different models. I bought the last infinity model TF700, and the performance was horrible. I had to unlock it (which kills the warranty by the way) and install several work arounds and custom roms to make it work like it should. Including moving everything to a fast SD card that cost me $90. You know something is wrong when performance of an external SD is faster than internal storage.

I have to give credit where is due to Asus. At least they let the modding community unlock their devices so they can unfuck their engineering screw ups.

To end on a positive note, the battery life on the TF700 with Tegra 3 were awesome. I had no problems on a 16 hour flights watching 5 to 6 movies and with some lite gaming and ebook/ comic book reading on the side.



"I have to give credit where is due to Asus. At least they let the modding community unlock their devices so they can unfuck their engineering screw ups."

If that were the case then your warranty would not be voided by rooting. If someone is smart enough to get the device rooted then that someone is smart enough to restore the device (*yes there will be cases were dumba*s x is now stuck).



Your 'Asus' tag directs to the hynix tag. Figured I'd let you guys know.



i wonder if the camera will be able to focus at 720-1080p unlike the useless one on the toshiba excite pro/write