Asus Revenue Hit Record High in November on Strong Transformer Book T100 Sales



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I've been looking for a PC that my mom could use, who never learned to use any type of computer due to the traditional desktop ui was just too confusing for her. This tablet hybrid has finally opened a whole new world for her just by having Skype to video chat with the grand kids, finally has email and the internet explorer app for browsing right on the start screen for her to simply click on. She has been using it every day with very little instructions from me. She even figured out the built in camera on her own and I'm glad there isn't a back camera on it because she would be dangerous with it. The weight in tablet mode feels lighter than an iPad or surface tablet and surprisingly she prefers the on screen keyboard over the included keyboard dock?!?
Unlike win Rt based tablets like surface, I was able to set her up with my logmein account so I can remotely show her things and perform maintenance using the desktop side while I keep her on the start screen side. She has even discovered the whole concept of apps!
Asus offers a real god send for my mom who now lives in the 21 century and finally can ignore that electric type writer! Now if only Intel can make a 64bit version of baytrail, I'd get something like this for the kids so they can stop using my PC.



I bought an Asus t100 as well, it is the ultimate school computer. It gets 10 hours of battery life and has full windows 8. It can even handle some older gaming titles. Asus hit a big win with this one, it was a great convertible at a great price point. All the other vendors need to get it together and start releasing convertibles at a reasonable price point.



I bought one last month.

I must say, the price and the battery life was the best selling point.

Windows 8.1 is usable, I guess but the app shop selection is pretty dismal compared to Apple's or Android's.



but isn't it Windows? The 'app store' for Windows is like 100 times bigger than Apple's and Android's combined. Or does it use Windows RT? (in which case, yes, it sucks)



Nope it's full fledged windows 8 and everything. No RT limitations whatsoever. I set one up for a customer the other day... gotta say they're pretty neato