Asus Rampage III Extreme Review



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Just installed this new board and overall I love it. I'm going to have some fun in the next year or so, playing with the support for OC that this board provides.

My only complaint is the lack of connectors on the board itself for front panel USB ports. I had purchased a new feature rich card reader that had 3 USB ports, SATA and support for a 1394 front panel connection that I was looking forward to installing. But, because the MB has just 1 USB connection I couldn't use the reader as it required access to two on board USB connections. As such, I have to use a very basic, featureless card reader and I am also unable to use the two USB ports that are on the front of my Antec case as there is no connection port to connect to. I've never had this problem with an ASUS board before, my last MB, the ASUS P6T had 3 connectors which would have allowed me to use all of the above without any problem.