Asus Loses Interest in Windows RT Tablets, Stops Production



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Paper Jam

Still waiting for that RT fire sale. Gonna have to get Touchpad cheap to draw much interest, though. I might would buy one for $99 or $150.



Asus backs out and M$ finds a new RT sucker in Nokia. Will Nokia EVER learn?!

On an aside, I just returned from my local Best Buy and it now looks like a M$ store...



I'm actually waiting for the Pro tablet. Fully functioning Windows in tablet form, with keyboard? Sure! How much does it cost? Err.... not so fast.



Microsoft should have used that 900 mil to reduce the cost of the Pro tablet. A $500 windows 8 tablet that can run all your software would have sold much better, wouldn't have fragmented the Microsoft tablet market and it would have allowed MS to catch up with the big dogs.



$0.9 Billion dollars was the loss just due to unsold RT inventory (and presumably the cost to dump them at prices suckers would buy). They are lowering prices on the Pro, but taking an even greater loss (and losing money in the billions) would not make Wall Street happy.

It might sell better at a big loss over a small one, but does microsoft really want to take a big loss that many times? Doubling thier puny 1% market share in phones by buying market share might makes sense: buying market share to run windows 8 sounds incredibly hard to sell in Redmond board rooms.



At this point, I don't really see what choice MS has. Either they sit on a bunch of unsold, overpriced tablets that will be long outdated before they ever sell them all, or they push off the rest at a huge loss and increase their market share. Either way, they're losing money but one option could have a positive outcome for them. The biggest challenge is getting MS to eat crow at this point because Apple wouldn't take that approach and everyone knows they desperately want to be Apple.