Asus WX-DL Round Mouse Doubles as a Hockey Puck

Paul Lilly

Let us clarify something right off the bat. You should NOT whack Asus' WX-DL mouse with a hockey stick, no matter how much it resembles a hockey puck. This round mouse is meant to be touched, not beaten.

Akihabara News, which caught wind of the device and snapped a bunch of pics , says the touch sensitive mouse sports a wireless design and is constructed from aluminum. It also looks very similar to the puck-shaped mice that shipped with the first iMacs, only the WX-DL is tilted slightly and functions more like the Mighty Mouse, another Apple product.

Asus' latest rodent can read some gestures, comes with a few multimedia controls, and features a 1,200dpi laser sensor.

The WX-DL is compatible with Windows PCs and will sell for $80.

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