Asus Warns of Motherboard Price Hikes

Paul Lilly

Talk about awful timing. With the recent launch of Intel's much anticipated Sandy Bridge platform, we imagine a good number of DIY system builders have already begun mapping out their next system overhaul. That's fine and dandy, but be sure to set aside a little extra for the motherboard.

Chewei Lin, general manager of Asus' motherboard division, says that his company made the decision to raise quotes for mobos, according to DigiTimes . The decision wasn't made out of greed or to cash in on Intel's new platform, but to cope with the labor shortage in China, the falling NT dollar, and higher material costs, particularly copper, Lin said.

How this all shakes out in the retail market remains to be seen, and Lin claims this won't affect the consumer side too much, but as far as contract quotes go, industry sources expect motherboard prices to jump 5-10 percent on average, and up to 15 percent in some cases.

Image Credit: Asus

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