Asus Upgrades Transformer Book T100 Windows 8.1 Hybrid Laptop

Paul Lilly

Now with a faster processor and more color options

In case you missed it, you can click back in time to see our review of the original Asus Transformer Book T100 2-in-1 laptop. Though it had some faults, it scored a respectable verdict for its Bay Trail Atom processor, full version of Windows 8.1, and relatively affordable price tag ($400 for the 64GB we reviewed). Looking to raise the bar, Asus's Transformer Book T100 now comes with a faster CPU and two new color options .

Whereas the original Transformer Book T100 came with an Intel Atom Z3740 quad-core processor clocked at 1.33GHz to 1.86GHz, the new models sport an upgraded Z3775 quad-core chip clocked at 1.46GHz to 2.39GHz, Fudzilla reports . A modest bump, but a bump nonetheless. Other specs remain unchanged and include 2GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB of eMMC storage, or a 500GB hard drive SKU.

There are also new color options -- you can now get the Transformer Book T100 in red or glossy white, depending on where you live. As of right now, these models appear to only be available in Germany.

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