Asus Updates Motherboard Drivers to Support Windows 7 RC

Paul Lilly

Asus this week announced new beta drivers for several of its motherboards that "enable Asus motherboard users to run Windows 7 RC." By doing so, Asus claims its mobos are the world's first to support the newly released operating system.

"Asus' industry-leading Research & Development team has kept close pace with each new beta release of Windows 7, and has developed beta drivers that enable Asus motherboard users to try Windows 7 RC immediately," Asus wrote in a press release. "The drivers can be downloaded from the Asus Motherboard Support website ( )."

Asus notes the following models are now officially supported:

  • P6T Deluxe V2
  • P5Q-E
  • P5Q PRO Turbo
  • M4A78-EM
Updated drivers for the full range of P6T, P5Q, and M4 series boards will be coming soon, Asus says.

Image Credit: Asus

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