Asus Unveils Rampage IV Black Edition Motherboard for Ivy Bridge-E

Paul Lilly

A badass board for power users

The Republic of Gamers (ROG) line of products from Asus rarely disappoints, and though we'll reserve judgement until we have to time to play with the company's new Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard, this thing looks like another winner, both on paper and in pictures. As the model name suggests, Asus blacked out the motherboard, save for a spattering of red and silver throughout.

Asus says don't confuse this with the Rampage IV Extreme Black it showed off back in April . There were only three of those boards made, and they never went on sale. Unlike last time, the new offering isn't just for show, it's for purchase, and there are plenty of reasons why enthusiasts will want to pick one up.

There are a dozen reasons right off the bat -- 12 SATA ports, 8 of which are SATA 6Gbps. The blacked out board also boasts 8 USB 3.0 ports, built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi, SupremeFX Formula audio with headphone amplifier and 120dB SNR, and a design optimized for Ivy Bridge-E.

"The ROG team went through 5 full layout designs to find the best possible 8 DIMM memory layout topology, and where the ROG team was working on the five new Z87 boards in the first half on this year, that whole team has focused efforts on just the Black Edition this time around!," Asus stated in a blog post.

Asus also says this is the only ROG motherboard with an all-black color scheme, a privilege we're sure will cost a pretty penny, though the company hasn't yet announced any pricing details.

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