Asus Unveils Photos of Futuristic Waveface Projects

Paul Lilly

Asus' Waveface concept is the thing sci-fi flicks are made of. It also has all the makings of vaporware, but let's give Asus the benefit of the doubt and see what they're trying to cook up.

First up is the Waveface Casa. This is essentially a widescreen display that covers up and taps into the cloud when you're not flipping through channels. It also recognizes gestures, allowing the user to bring up family photos and home videos by pointing and waving around.

Then there's the Waveface Light. This one assumes the tablet craze sweeping the tech sector will stick around, because that's exactly what it is, albeit flexible. It's also a netbook when you choose not to fold it flat.

And finally there's the Waveface Ultra. You'll wear the Ultra around your wrist like an oversized watch, and this too is gesture controlled. It also connects to the cloud. Asus describes it as a wearable smartphone that "finds, filters, and provides you with the right information at the right time."

It all sounds pretty groovy, if not probably overly ambitious, at least in the short-term.

YouTube Video Demo

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