Asus Unveils New Enthusiast Mobo and Video Card

Maximum PC Staff

Hybrid liquid-cooled Maximus VI Formula motherboard and Poseidon video card series announced at Computex

Asus has revealed its hybrid-liquid cooled Maximus VI Formula motherboard and liquid-cooled Poseidon video card at Computex 2013.

The Maximus VI Formula motherboard sports a plethora of cooling options, inviting overclockers to go nuts with their new enthusiast board. The Maximus VI Formula also rocks the company’s CrossChill design meaning it can run on either air or liquid cooling. The top-mounted heat sink has two G ¼ inch sockets that support standard liquid cooling loops. Asus claims that in a liquid cooled setup the board operates at temperatures up to 23 degrees Celsius lower than when it is run in an air-cooled setup. The new motherboard also features including Digi+ III VRMs with 60 A Blackwing chokes, efficiency NexFET MOSFETs, and 10K black metallic capacitors for “enhanced overclocking” according to Asus.

Premium sound also is squished into the Maximus VI Formula as it sports the company’s new Supreme FX on-board audio . The Supreme FX gives users a 120dB SNR headphone output with a 600ohm headphone amplifier, and WIMA and ELNA audio capacitors.

The Asus Poseidon is one of a few cards that combine a standard heat sink with a water block.

The company’s new Poseidon video card is an ROG version of its GTX 770 , and touts the firm’s new DirectCU H2O design which can be used in a standard air or liquid cooled setup. Asus says the card runs up to 31 degrees C cooler when liquid-cooled.

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