Asus to Add Pieces of 'Flare' to Netbook Category at CES 2012

Paul Lilly

The introduction of Intel's Cedar Trail platform might spark some renewed interest in the netbook category, especially as buyers looking for an affordable and highly portable machine grapple with whether to overspend on a underpowered/under-equipped tablet PC, or really overspend on a newfangled Ultrabook. A new generation of netbooks could be just the thing these folks are looking for, and Asus will try to entice them with its upcoming Eee PC Flare series.

Notebook Italia has the skinny on Flare, a new line of netbooks featuring Intel Atom N2600 and N2800 processors and chiclet style keyboards. But Flare PCs won't just sport Intel inside. According to the Italian news site, Asus will also roll out a larger version (12 inches) built around AMD's Fusion platform.

Details are scarce, though looking at the pictures, Asus will attempt to make a fashion statement with an assortment of colors to choose from, thereby adding a bit of, uh, 'flare' to the netbook category. Hmm, we see what you did there, Asus.

Image Credit: Netbook Italia

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