Asus Teases Upgraded Supreme FX Audio on Z87 Maximus VI Formula Motherboard

Paul Lilly

The next evolution of SupremeFX is coming.

I found nestled in my inbox this morning a note from Asus saying it's getting ready to introduce an "even more advanced version of SupremeFX on the upcoming Formula" board built for Haswell. Along with the note, Asus attached a teaser photo marking the recent evolution of SupremeFX (versions III and IV), leaving the world to wonder what it has in store for the next release. Care to venture a guess?

SupremeFX, once a discrete audio solution, is now incorporated into select Asus motherboards. Version III introduced a backlit "redline" on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which highlights the physical separation of the audio processing from the rest of the motherboard. Drawing power from the motherboard, some line conditioning is required for a clean signal, which is handled by a large 1500uF capacitor. The codec itself is actually housed underneath an aluminum cap where it's isolated from surrounding EMI.

Version IV, introduced with the Asus Maximus V Formula, added a headphone amp and premium ELNA capacitors specifically designed for audio applications due to features like ultra-low ESR.

So, what will SupremeFX V bring to the table? Asus hasn't provided any clues, though we wonder if a higher signal-to-ratio might be in cards.

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