Asus Taps Bruce Lee to Teach You How Pronounce Its Name

Paul Lilly

You can win some sweet prizes from Asus, but first you'll need to know how to pronounce the company's name.

Nobody likes having their name mispronounced, but if the way you spell your name is a bit ambiguous, would you be willing to fork over $10,000 to get people to pronounce it correctly? That's what Asus is doing. The PC parts maker is asking fans to upload creative videos with the topic "Say Asus" that teach people the correct pronunciation, and it's giving away $10,000 in prizes to the best ones. Asus posted a couple of its own videos, including a rather funny one with Bruce Lee.

So everyone's clear, Asus is pronounced "ey soos." Some common mispronunciations include "ah soos," "ah sis," and "ey sis." Have a look at how Bruce Lee does it (nunchucks are optional):

In case there's still any doubt, here's another:

Everyone savvy? Good, now go upload your own and win some groovy gear! The contest is vaild until February 6, 2013, and there are some terms and conditions you'll need be aware of, all of which can be found on Asus' Facebook contest page.

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