ASUS Shows Off Thumb Drive Sized USB Wireless Router

Maximum PC Staff

A road warriors best friend just got smaller.

Road warriors are forced to admit that while wireless broadband has improved at hotels over the years, it’s still far from perfect. When both are offered the speeds are almost always better if you are able to jack in, but with modern tablets that’s not always possible. This creates a captive audience of tech savvy business travelers, and ASUS appears to be eager to cash in.

The WL-330NUL pocket sized router is little more than a USB plug on one end, with an RJ-45 ethernet connector the other. No additional power cords or USB adapters are required to set up this handy little Wi-Fi hot spot. The range is somewhat limited, but when you consider your average hotel situation, its more than adequate to fill the entire room with 802.11 b/g/n.

As an added bonus, the adapter also adds Ethernet functionality to Ultrabooks that lack built in ports. Pricing has not yet been announced, but expect to see this showing up at your favorite e-tailer of choice in the not too distant future.

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