Asus Rips Off Maximum PC's Cardboard Case Idea!

Paul Lilly

So maybe we're exaggerating a little when we say Asus stole our idea for a cardboard case, but for the record, former Maximum PC Associate Editor and current Contributing Writer, David Murphy, beat Asus to the punch by three and a half years. Printed in our October 2007 issue and viewable online here , The Murph went up against Senior Editor Gordon Mah Ung in our $500 PC Build Off challenge, and in an attempt to save a few pennies to apply to other upgrades, Murphy stuck his parts inside a cardboard box and called the abomination a system. If you thought his idea was brilliant, you'll love Asus' motherboard box/case concept.

Starting in June, Asus will begin shipping one of its mini ATX motherboards in a cardboard box that transforms into a makeshift PC case, ZDnet reports . While Jeff Foxworthy fans might end up using it as a permanent home for their parts, Asus says it's intended to serve as a temporary enclosure while enthusiasts shop for the perfect case. The fact that it reduces shipping waste is a bonus.

Asus is literally thinking inside the box with this one, and we have our doubts it will catch on. The bigger concern for worry warts is that it will catch fire, though if your PC is emitting sparks, you're in trouble no matter what. But there's also the ugly aesthetics, lack of protection from spills, pets, and kids from using what amounts to an open air enclosure, and did we mention it's fugly as sin?

What's your take on this concept? Is Asus being novel, or is this one doomed from the start?

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