Asus Responds to Transformer Prime Complaints, Tells Modders to "Hang Tight" and "Relax"

Paul Lilly

It looks like the power of the Internet prevails once again. After word got out that Asus was shipping its Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet with a locked bootloader, there was a call to arms in the modding community to storm the castle and let Asus have it via Twitter, Facebook, email, and wherever else. A day after it all hit the fan Asus is telling modders to relax, presumably because everything's going to be okay.

"Official statement on bootloader for the Prime coming in a bit. Hang on tight guys. In the meantime, relax," Asus posted as its Facebook status on Tuesday morning.

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but unless Asus fancies itself a social networking masochist, the news is going to be good. If it isn't, Asus might as well sock its PR department in the face and save the Internet the trouble of giving the company a black eye.

Things are less encouraging over in Italy, where the Transformer Prime isn't yet available. Working off of a Google translation, Asus Italy posted on its Facebook page what basically amounts to a long winded statement telling modders they don't need root access, and tampering with the device only serves to void the warranty anyway.

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