Asus Releases the RT-N12HP 802.11N Wi-Fi Router With Amazingly Large Range Boosting Antennas

Maximum PC Staff

Routers are a dime a dozen these days, and potential shoppers are bombarded with literally hundreds of nearly identical options. How then are you supposed to narrow the field? Well if range is the most important consideration, and you don’t have any issues with bizarrely phallic objects, then the RT-N12HP router from Asus just might be worth your consideration.

The Asus website brags about its easy setup, and allowance for up to four separate SSID networks, but it’s the 9dBi antenna’s that really set it apart from the crowd. The antenna’s, in conjunction with a built-in signal amplifier sound like a great combo for boosting range if you have the vertical space. Of course we don’t know at this point if the marketing actually translates into performance, but at least the engineering principals are sound.

Look interesting? Or is this just too ugly to put in your office?

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