Asus Readying 13-Inch Android Laptop?


Android has only been around for less than three years. In this time, the Linux-based operating system has quite literally gone places, appearing on a wide gamut of devices, from smartphones to e-readers. But it’s difficult to predict its next destination. Digitimes , however, has far too many industry sources for it to refrain from speculating. According to the site, Asus plans to build an Android notebook.

It claims that the Taiwanese PC vendor has “already made plans to launch a 13-inch ARM-based notebook adopting Nvidia's processor with Android.” Even though there is every change of the rumor turning out to be a dud, the report has certainly fueled speculation about the innards of such a notebook.

Pointing to the original report’s mention of a quad-core ARM chip, Engadget’s Vlad Savov conjectured that the rumored 13-incher could be powered by an NVIDIA Kal-El (aka Tegra 3) SOC , which is due out in August.

Despite the fact that the report mentions quad-core ARM chips in a different context, he might have a point. Not only is the Eee Pad Transformer powered by a Tegra 2 chip, but its successor is also expected to be built around the upcoming Tegra 3 SOC. So, NVIDIA’s chip does seem like an obvious choice for AsusTek’s Android notebook.

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