Asus Plans Low-Cost, Full Color E-book

Paul Lilly

More details have started to emerge regarding Asus' r umored e-book reader , and what we're finding out could spell bad news for Amazon and Sony. According to the Times Online UK , Asus' version is coming soon and will be the world's cheapest digital reader, undercutting the competition without skimping on features.

Citing a spokesperson for Asus in the UK, the upcoming e-book reader will sport a hinged spine so that it more closely emulates the experience of reading a book. Users will be able to see text on one screen while surfing willy nilly on the web over on the other. It's also possible that one of the screens may end up with a virtual keyboard. Perhaps best of all, Asus has decided to ditch a monochrome display in favor of full-color.

According to the report, Asus said it is considering a budget and premium version, the differences of which have yet to be determined. Either way, look for at least one Asus-branded e-book reader to surface later this year for around $150 .

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