Asus Planning Android-Powered Robot


Let's hope Google's Android platform doesn't turn out to be some devious plot at taking over the world, because if it is, there will be no stopping them. In addition to powering a bevy of smartphones, a couple of netbooks, and even an e-book reader or two, Asus will use the open-source OS in an upcoming robot .

Thankfully it's not one of those malicious robots hell-bent on destroying the human population like you see on some sci-fi flicks. Quite the opposite, actually, as the EeeBot (what else would Asus call it?) will be an educational robot with other software and services as part of several technology projects funded by the Taiwanese government.

As described in an outline on a government website, the goal is to build an affordable robot to interact with kids. The EeeBot project will focus on building content and services around the robot to subsidize the cost of the hardware, and Asus will work on both hardware and software as part of the project.

Just to be on the safe side, anyone else considering Old Glory Insurance ?

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