Asus NX90Jq Features Dual Touchpads, Slick Design


Ambidextrous road warriors unite, Asus has your weapon of choice . The NX90Jq notebook sports not one, but two touchpads, one on each side, which should be music to any armchair DJ's ears.

Specs are are pretty sparse, but what we do know is that the NX90Jq boasts an 18.4-inch high definition display made even larger by Bang & Olufsen's ICEpower speakers. There's a Core i7 processor hiding inside, as well as Nvidia GeForce GT 334M graphics, dual drive bays, slot-in Blu-ray drive, and USB 3.0 support.

No word yet on price or availability, but in the meantime, Asus has provided a handful of press shots showing off the polished aluminum notebook from all angles.

Image Credit: Asus via Endgadget

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