Asus Launches ROG Matrix GTX 580 Graphics Card for Overclockers

Paul Lilly

Asus today announced the launch of its new ROG (Republic of Gamers) Matrix GTX 580 videocard. It's an aggressive looking graphics card that knows nothing of stock clocks, standard cooling, or anything else that has to do with Nvidia's reference design. Instead, it comes overclocked from the factory and sports a dual-fan cooling solution and OC-friendly parts and tools that encourages users to push things as far as they'll go.

The ROG Matrix GTX 580 comes clocked at 816MHz (up from 772MHz stock) and packs 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory running at 4.8GHz (up from 4GHz). That's a pretty good jump over stock clocks right off the bat, but if there's even more headroom available, Asus does everything it can to help you find it.

It starts with the dual-fan DirectCU II cooling solution that puts copper heatpipes in direct contact with the GPU. The sound dampened fans pull 600 percent more air across the card's heatsinks than a reference design, resulting in 20 percent lower temperatures, Asus says.

Other overclocking-friendly features include 19-phase Super Alloy Power components; a multi-colored Matrix LED load indicator; overclocking hardware tools like TweakIt and ProbeIT embedded onto the redesigned PCB; bundled GPU Tweak Utility that includes not only the ability to control clock frequency, voltage, and fan speed, but also features in-game video recording and live firmware and driver updates; and a Safe Mode button to reset everything back to normal should something go terribly wrong.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: Asus

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