Asus Launches Rack Servers with New Intel CPUs

Paul Lilly

Asus, best known for its motherboards and Eee PC lineup, doesn't often tout its rack-mount server products, but perhaps it should. The multifaceted manufacturer on Friday added the new RS300-E6 series to its rack-mount family, pairing Intel's Lynnfield platform in the process.

The new servers utilize Intel's 3420 PCH chipset with the chip maker's socket 1156-based Xeon 3400 series of CPUs. Support for both dual- and quad-core processors comes standard, and Asus says the ES300-E6 series can scale up performance immediately to support high-volume workloads.

Other notables include dual-channel DDR3-1333 memory support, 2+1 I/O expansion feature in the slim 1U form factor, PCI-E x16 and x8 slots, and support for the optional Asus Pike card, which allows for a seamless upgrade to SAS storage.

Image Credit: Asus

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