Asus, Gigabyte to Fall Short of Motherboard Shipment Goals

Paul Lilly

At least two top-tier motherboard makers are no longer expecting to hit their board shipment targets for 2011. This is to be somewhat expected, given the frequent delays that plagued AMD's Bulldozer launch and with Intel's Sandy Bridge-E platform still sitting around the corner. The DIY crowd appears to be willing to wait for next-generation technology rather than building or upgrading to current gen parts.

Asus now expects to ship 22 million motherboards by the end of 2011, while Gigabyte is eying 17.5 million to 18 million units, sources from motherboard players tell DigiTimes . Both of these figures are about a million units shy of where each one was hoping to get to.

What this means for consumers is you can expect lower prices for existing parts. A mini-price war is breaking out as Asus and Gigabyte try to one-up each other for the remaining quarter, and MSI, ASRock, and ECS are getting in on the action too, DigiTimes says. Lower end H61 boards have already dropped in price by up to 15 percent, and Z68 boards are likely to follow suit.

Image Credit: Asus

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