Asus, Gigabyte Headed for a Photo Finish in Motherboard Shipments

Paul Lilly

Top two motherboard makers fight for pole position

In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter if Asus edges out Gigabyte in motherboard shipments, or if Gigabyte manages to swipe the shipment crown by a hair . However, it's fun to watch these two race to the finish line, which is partly why we keep covering it. The other reason is because both companies want the crown, and that could mean price cuts at some point. So, which company is going to win?

Go ahead and flip a coin. The latest chatter Digitimes is hearing from its sources within the supply chain is that both companies are expected to ship 5.1 million to 5.2 million branded motherboards in the second quarter of 2014. Looking ahead, those same sources say Asus and Gigabyte are likely to ship 6 million more in the third.

At last count, Asus was ahead of Gigabyte by a mere 100,000 units back in the first quarter. Depending on how things shake out, Gigabyte could close the gap by the end of the second or third quarter, and then it would be a fierce race in the fourth.

That could be where the price cuts come in. There's been speculation of an aggressive price war breaking out in the motherboard industry. This would include Asus and Gigabyte, but also smaller players like ASRock and MSI.

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