Asus G50 Prototype is Two Computers in One Laptop


Whether talking about pint-sized netbooks or full-blown desktop replacements, mobile computing continues to gain steam, spurring innovative concepts like Asus' new G90 prototype. A 4.7-inch LCD touchpad adorns the G90's chassis just below the keyboard, but it runs separately from the main system via Nvidia's Tegra APX.

The Tegra "system-on-a-chip" architecture combines an ARM11 core with support for HD video decoding, 3D acceleration, an image processor for webcams, and a display output. To ensure longevity, the separate PC within a PC taps into the same power sources as the notebook's main internal components. By doing so, Asus says end users can browse through their video library on the touchpad and load up a marathon of flicks to be played on the main display for up to 12 hours, and all without the help of the Atom processor, RAM, or any other main components.

Catch a video of the G90 prototype in action here , and as always, post your reactions below.

Image Credit: Anandtech

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