Asus Eyes 1.8 Million Tablet Shipments in 2011

Paul Lilly

It's looking as though tablets will pick up the slack left by less than expected Ultrabook sales, at least for Asus. Asus, along with Acer, figure they'll each move as little as a third of the number of Ultrabooks by the end of the year as they initially hoped, which is the result of prices simply being too high. But as far as tablets go, Asus expects to reach its goal of 1.8 million units in 2011.

Asus CEO Jerry Shen recently reiterated his expectation of selling 1.8 million tablets this year, according to DigiTimes , and there's no reason to doubt him. Asus has already sold 1.2 million Eee Pad Transformer tablets, and on November 9, the company will launch its quad-core Transformer Prime. Between those two tablets, Asus should easily be able to move another 600,000 units (or more) by the end of 2011.

Asus doesn't have any disillusions of catching up with Apple in the foreseeable future, or even Amazon if the company's upcoming Kindle Fire tablet smokes the competition, but Mr. Shen is confident Asus can remain a top vendor outside of those two. In addition to its Transformer Prime tablet, Asus is gearing up to launch two more slates in February 2012.

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